Forty years after starting our journey as home decoration brass forgers from our small coastal town of Itziar – in Northern Spain -, the Dalainor family continues to provide stylish and smart lighting solutions and home décor products to audiences around the world.

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DALAINOR lighting

Transform your home environment with masterfully crafted lighting pieces.

Home décor

Maximum comfort, sturdiness and aesthetic satisfaction for decades.

We don't manufacture lamps

We create true conversation pieces that take centre stage in any space

Today's treasures, tomorrow's heirlooms

At Dalainor we have been perfecting the art and technology of manufacturing exceptional lighting and home décor products for decades.

Throughout the years, our unique lamps and home decoration designs have become internationally known for being a lot more than just ornamental items – the Dalainor line has become synonymous with artistry in design for indoor spaces of all purposes and sizes.

Our skilful craftsmen and women carefully continue to forge lamps and decorative treasures designed to be enjoyed today at their fullest and to become tomorrow’s heirlooms for future generations.

Dalainor Contract

We pride ourselves in being one of the most reliable and innovative lighting designers and manufacturers for large contract works.


Our products have found their way not only into homes all over the world

But into hotels, restaurants, department stores and many other high-end retailers like: