Dalainor family provides stylish and smart lighting solutions


It all started over forty years ago in a small but very industrious town of the Basque Country - Itziar.

Like most of the other families in the region, ours learned a unique skill and soon, we became masters at it.

After years and years perfecting the art and technology of brass forging for home decorative items, we were ready to take the next step.

Why not apply all our knowledge, creativity, and resources to decorative lighting? we asked ourselves. Why not capitalize on our reputation for quality and design, and broaden our line to include additional home décor accessories?

Today, thirty years later, the Dalainor family provides stylish and smart lighting solutions and home décor products to audiences around the world.

We still operate from the same manufacturing base in Northern Spain – from the gorgeous coastal town of Itziar

Where it all started but as our product range has constantly grown and diversified, we have entered into strategic partnerships with local pottery and glass makers that supply our stunning glass and ceramic ornaments. Today,  our lighting and design products find their way today into homes, hotels, restaurants, department stores and many other high-end retailers.

And yet, the masterful skill of our artisans, their meticulous detailing, superb design, and fine quality remain unchanged.

The careful finishes our family has always pride itself for are still evident in every lighting and/or decorative product in the Dalainor catalogue.

Traditional or contemporary, our designs reflect the extensive trajectory, good taste, and love for the metal and fine arts inherent in the Dalainor name. And the journey has only begun! Will you join us?