Lighting and home décor design that stands the test of time

Dalanoir’s smart lighting solutions and home décor products have the power to transform the mood and ambiance of any space anywhere in the world.

Traditional or contemporary, our designs reflect the extensive trajectory, good taste, and love for the metal and fine arts inherent in the Dalainor name.

Sturdy, yet elegant and very stylish, the Dalanoir’s range of indoor oak tables will bring the Basque countryside to your living room.

From the Basque forest direct to your home – a solid, extremely durable oak stool that will accompany you for decades to come!

Intimate, functional, versatile, and highly pleasing to the eye, our table lamps inspire focus and concentration.

Stylish and always surprising, the Dalainor range of floor lamps create the perfect mood and atmosphere for any occasion.

True conversation pieces with the power to transform the atmosphere of the room and capture anyone’s imagination.

Masterfully designed to stand proud while infusing a touch of personality and class to any space.

Take a look at our pottery selection for the very best in unique handmade pieces, from our fine art ceramics shops, where clay is gently molded into varios products of immense beauty such as pots, jars and flower vases.

Proof of our commitment to environmental sustainability, DALAINOR has placed its bets on recycled glass, with a line of vases, damme-jeannes and carafes made of handblown glass, wholly handmade, that is finding a great reception among our customers.